Physical planning and natural resources management



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The successful foundation of any development project begins before the construction process commences. Therefore, development projects require, by their nature, a complex set of planning decisions that strongly impact the long-term success of the project. We at Ecoisle Consulting are organised to provide expert input into the project planning process to meet project challenges,  mitigate environmental risks and to ensure compatibility and integration of the particular development into the existing landscape and land use regime.  Our support services include:

  • Project formulation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Strategy design and approval
  • Conceptual and detailed planning


Coastal areas throughout the developing world are among the most heavily exploited because of their numerous attractions and rich resources. We recognise that all the capital cities of the Caribbean are situated on the coast, and throughout the entire region coastal areas are the sites of major settlements, tourism development, industrial and other economic activity.  As a consequence, pollution along the more densely settled and heavily used segments of Caribbean coastlines has become pervasive as discharges have risen from both terrestrial and marine sources, including cruise ships and the oil industry. Ecoisle Consulting offers advice on a number of management control strategies for our coastal areas to increase their attractiveness for human enjoyment and for productive enterprises and employment:

  • Landscape management (including setbacks and easements)
  • Biodiversity management
  • Coastal watershed management
  • Management of tourism development