Physical planning and natural resources management



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We offer specialist services in environmental planning, an evolving, multidisciplinary field concerned with the environmental effects of human actions.  We consider both the human and physical environment and cover a wide range of topics dealing with land development, land use and environmental quality. At Ecoisle, we recognise the overlapping nature of environmental issues and the need to transcend narrow sectoral interests. Our consulting team has been instrumental in many projects that seek to incorporate environmental considerations into an overall development planning framework. Our services include:  

  • Natural resources inventory
  • Natural resources management
  • Waste and water management
  • Land use mapping and development planning
  • Field training for community members


Given the importance of land as a natural resource, the land use planning process attempts to spatially identify and quantify future land use requirements based on demographic and economic projections within a specified time horizon.  It is an assessment of an area’s or country’s past, present and future aspirations, and therefore sets the scene for subsequent development actions. 

We at Ecoisle assist our public, quasi-public and private sector client’s with their initiatives at various levels in the state planning process.  Specifically we provide services in:

  • Development planning
  • Master planning and design
  • Urban design and spatial planning
  • Planning applications and appeals

Our development planning approach is essentially integrated development planning which is a multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral approach to planning.  Our urban design processes involve not only the development of overall site concepts but may include the development of planning standards for multi-use centres.



Through our tourism planning services we help to shape and control physical patterns of tourism development, integrate tourism with other land users, conserve scarce resources and provide a framework for the promotion and marketing of a destination.  Our services include:

  • Carrying capacity studies
  • Natural resources and built environment conservation
  • Environmental assessments
  • Integrated planning
  • Stakeholder consultations


Hazard mitigation as known in the disaster management cycle is concerned those actions taken in the medium to long term to reduce risk to people, property and the environment from hazards and their effects. Hazard mitigation may be equated to climate change adaptation which has the potential to reduce adverse effects of climate change and can produce immediate ancillary benefits but will not prevent all damages.  There is an urgent need for disaster management to move beyond the traditional emphasis on response by taking strategic steps to redirect development into those areas that are less vulnerable to hazards.  This can be done, in part, through the application of appropriate  land use zoning.  At Ecoisle Consulting we are committed to vulnerability reduction to natural and technological hazards.  Among our skills and services we include:

  • Incorporation of hazard maps in development planning
  • Policy design incorporating hazard risk
  • Constraint and opportunity mapping
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis