Physical planning and natural resources management



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Environmental policy is still a novel concept in the Caribbean.  At Ecoisle, we offer our public sector clients outstanding expertise and guidance in the analysis and design of over-arching policy frameworks for guiding different levels and areas of environmental management.  Ideally, we regard policy as the articulation of a broad course of action, selected as the best from among several alternatives, to guide present and future planning.  Our policy development process related to environmental management and planning involves the use of a suite of activities that systematical investigate policy issues and alternatives in order to assist policy decision-makers in choosing a preferred course of action under conditions of uncertainty. Our activities include:

  • Problem identification
  • Development of policy criteria
  • Analysis of social networks
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Policy evaluation


Increasingly, there is a need to put legal systems in place to protect from destruction the natural environment which may be endangered by human encroachment.  Ecoisle Consulting provides a wide range of legal support services to assist clients with taking environmentally responsible actions in the context of our current complex legislative frameworks.

Our Enviromental Lawyer is a qualified attorney-at-law specialising in environmental law and policy, with a background in earth sciences and resource planning.

Our Legal and Policy development services include:

  • Legal Research
  • Legal Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Review and Analysis of Environmental Laws (National, Multilateral Environmental Agreements)
  • Legislative Drafting


Institutional analysis for environmental decision making is a process of evaluating the constraints and opportunities within those institutions formally charged with responsibility for a particular aspect of environmental management.  Our company, fortified by the analytic skills and experiences of its consulting team has undertaken:

  • Inventories of relevant laws
  • Surveys of formal institutions (using qualitative and quantitative research methods)
  • Development of assessment criteria
  • Evaluation of internal and external strengths and weaknesses