Project Name:
Environmental Impact Assessment for the construction of a hotel and golf resort at Bushy Park, Barbados.

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Client:  Culpepper Beach and Golf Club

Description:   Preparation of an environmental impact assessment, including social impact assessment of a hotel and resort development, in compliance with Town and Country Development Planning requirements.  The study involved analysis of the potential impacts of chemicals on underground water quality and air quality and preparation of a chemical management plan, impacts on water requirements and water supply, impacts of sewage, waste water disposal and storm water drainage, and social impacts among others.  A suite of mitigation measures was proposed for all identified potential impacts.

Challenges:  The main challenge of this study was to minimise potential impacts on aquifers, the predominant source of potable water for the surrounding area.   

Ecoisle Solutions:  The chief threat to the underground water supply being from the use of chemicals in golf course maintenance, a three-part solution was proposed.  This included: the formulation of a comprehensive system for monitoring ground water quality at strategic points within the development, recommendations on the most benign golf course chemicals possible for use on the resort, and the preparation of a chemicals management plan for the facility.  Mitigation measures to address all other environmental and social impacts were also proposed. 



Bushy Park, Barbados

Areal Photograph of the subject site of The Environmental Impact Assessment for the construction of a hotel and golf resort at Bushy Park, Barbados